Funny Spanish Sayings

Updated: Jul 20

Sometimes, you should not take Spanish phrases literally! The Spanish language has many silly sayings that when directly translated into english, do not make much sense. Yet each saying has its own cultural significance. As a language learner, sometimes these sayings gave me pause. Why did the Spaniards I knew randomly start talking about milk? As an expat, I found it not only fun, but culturally important to keep up to date with Spanish phrases. Here is a list of some of my favorite Spanish idioms.

"¡Madre mia!"

My mother/ Oh my god

"Ser pan comido"

To be eaten bread/ piece of cake! (To be easy)

"Ponerse de mala leche"

To get in bad milk/ to be in a bad mood

"Callao pollito"

Shut up little chicken/ Shut up

"Tirar la casa por la ventana"

Throw the house out the window/ Spare no expense

"Tener un humor de perros"

Have the humor of dogs/ be in a bad mood

"Flipar en colores"

Freak out in colors/ Wow, I love that!

I will be adding to this list as I find more sayings!


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